Monday, June 1, 2009

The amazing one hour wedding shoot!

I had a one hour wedding a few weeks ago. I just got through editing the pics. I both LOVE and HATE one hour weddings! They go by quickly which is good but it's so quickly that sometimes I feel like things are being forgotten. Here is a little brief glance at what a one hour wedding looks like. Congratulations Jason and Kristy!


  1. wow- you are just so talented! I love all the little details you draw attention to... if something got left out, I really doubt it!

    btw the cliffhouse people loved the book pictures! We need to get together and confirm the details about your painting! *would you mind letting me display it a gallery opening before you take it home? It would have a sold sign on it, so no one would run off with it ;)

  2. Of course, yes, lets get together for coffee soon!