Thursday, March 22, 2012

Taormina, city on a hill

This fantastic little city on a hill at the foot of Mount Etna is so picturesque it hurts!!! I couldn't walk 5 feet before needing to take another picture! It was all a bit overwhelming, we had been told we should go there by a work colleague of my husbands. I had read a little bit about it but was so unprepared for it's uniqueness. The main roads are all tiny, and it's mostly pedestrian, except of course if you have an old Fiat 500 (my absolute dream car, as you can see by the many pictures of me with it!), or a Vespa. We almost got our little renault clio stuck in a side street trying to find our hotel. We didn't realize that the big parking garage we had passed 5 minutes ago was where everyone in Taormina parked.... A call to the hotel and a 55 point turn later we were safely stowed in the parking garage and off on our one night adventure in this adorable place. I think the pictures speak for themselves, we ate Pizza and drank beautiful coffee and walked around with our mouths hanging open, taking a million pictures. Italy holds a special place in my heart, and Sicily has a little corner all to itself!

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's the little things...

It's been too long since I last posted, my apologies It's been a hectic time this spring, moving from Malta to Cardiff, Wales,  massive changing of plans, and the buying of a house. Who knew that this season would hold so much pain and joy for Jon and I!

This post is a small reminder to stop and enjoy our world. It's a pretty amazing place.

This series of photos is from our trip to Scotland last spring. I can't wait to go again!