Tuesday, August 25, 2009

get well flowers

My mom keeps getting get well flowers. These are from someones garden. They are so beautiful I had to photograph them.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

working on a website

My latest "job" has been creating a website for a non profit organization called Mercy's Village. This has been a collaborative effort with a good friend of mine Noelani. She is an amazing photographer and a skilled communicator. It has been such a treat to work with her, we have been using Skype to create the websites together. The new share your screen function is really cool!
We did two versions the top version was the first we came up with it's very photo driven and has lots of open space to give you a feel for Uganda, and also hope! The second idea we came up with is much more form driven it is easier to update and change the pictures.Which one do you like better? Leave me a few comments and let me know.... I'll post the final when we get there. It will be soon as the founder is wanting to launch this website by the end of Aug! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My thoughts on July......

When life hands you lemons..... make margaritas!

August wedding

This is one of the most darling things Annie from Bliss in Bloom has ever made for a wedding, It's a flower girl wand! I want one too!!!

Hale Halawai transformed, I don't think it has ever looked this beautiful, who knew it could look so fantastic! A total Cinderella story.

This was the gorgeous head table, with custom linens, rattan chargers, and lots of candle light. The Manzanita trees are full of orchids and hanging candles.