Thursday, December 8, 2011

La Bella Sicilia

Jon and I spent the long weekend after Thanksgiving in Sicily... I'm putting together a long blog post on it but in the mean time I thought I would stick up a little teaser!!! I always used to dream about living in a villa in Italy, Sicily reinforced this dream. The light, the colors, the coffee, the fresh fruit and veg, my oh my.  After we got off the early morning ferry from Malta, Jon and I went looking for some coffee... We found a town center and ordered two cappuccinos, I kept wondering what was taking the lady so long. When they arrived  I quickly realized why it had taken her forever. She wrote welcome to Sicily on one of them!!! I was blown away by her gesture, plus they were super delish.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sicilia part I Siracusa

Jon and I stayed our first night in Sicily at the lovely rustic Villa dei Papiri, a short drive from Siracusa (Syracuse) As you can see from the pictures the place is covered in groves, of lemon, orange and olives. Nearby is a wetlands nature reserve full of papyrus, which is where the villa got it's name. It's a perfect spot for a rustic Italian destination wedding, or a fun family get together. I think we were the only people there than night.  I think both Jon and I were just so overwhelmed with how different the landscape of Malta and Sicily are. Even though they are only a 90 min ferry from each other, Sicily is just so big and has so much agriculture. They had just had a bunch of rain and everything was so green and fresh looking. Oh Sicily I think I'm in love!