Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sicilia part I Siracusa

Jon and I stayed our first night in Sicily at the lovely rustic Villa dei Papiri, a short drive from Siracusa (Syracuse) As you can see from the pictures the place is covered in groves, of lemon, orange and olives. Nearby is a wetlands nature reserve full of papyrus, which is where the villa got it's name. It's a perfect spot for a rustic Italian destination wedding, or a fun family get together. I think we were the only people there than night.  I think both Jon and I were just so overwhelmed with how different the landscape of Malta and Sicily are. Even though they are only a 90 min ferry from each other, Sicily is just so big and has so much agriculture. They had just had a bunch of rain and everything was so green and fresh looking. Oh Sicily I think I'm in love!


  1. So I'm wondering -what's in the bowl? It looks like corn flakes and beans *%$#!!!! Can't be - right? Nonetheless, this place looks amazing!

  2. That made me laugh, it was corn flakes and coco puffs, but they were stale, and I took the hugest bowl of them and since we were the only people there eating breakfast I didn't know what to do. I took a picture of them to remember how funny that moment was. I was seriously debating flushing them down the toilet. But of course I just ate them...

  3. Looks amazing - just makes me want to travel!!