Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One year ago.....

Hard to believe that Jon and I got married one year ago. This year just flew by! I guess it's probably gone so quickly because we have spent it in so many different places. Right after our wedding we went to Ireland...
We had our honeymoon at the majestic Ashford Castle.

Ashford Castle Hotel in County Cong, Western Ireland

We lived in Dublin for a few months, I can not say enough good stuff about living there. I really enjoyed spending our first few months of married life there. We made some great friends, had a few visitors got to see a few sights, drank loads of really fresh Guinness!!! YUMMY

Guinness from the source.

Our most AWESOME home group on a walk up Killiney Hill.

Got to witness some love, and the changing of seasons!

 Then just when it was getting kind of chilly in the Northern hemisphere we zipped on down to sunny Cape Town for a few months!
Lion's head in the distance, and the 12 apostle's on the right.

More to come.......

But in the mean time:

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