Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My hood

Portobello is an adorable suburb in the south of Dublin, with pubs, flower shops, and parks right on my doorstep. The Lennox Cafe, only a stones throw away, does an amazing brunch. I have so enjoyed living here and thought I would share a few pictures of my new hood.


  1. Every single one of these could be an Irish postcard! I can't believe you live inside a postcard.
    *seething with jealousy*

  2. Ahh! It's gorgeous!!! Dublin is on the top of my list to visit, I hope to get there within the next year. And yes, it does look like a postcard.

  3. Dublin is a very cool city, Our apartment is the top floor above the physio. It's a charming space. This area is just the perfect place to live, really close proximity to the center of town, lots of good coffee shops cafe's around. No clothing stores, so I can't get myself into too much trouble. Lots of second hand stores which they call charity shops. I've found some really fun stuff for cheap. I would highly recommend a visit to Dublin any day!