Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kissing summer goodbye?

Is the summer really over? I think Ireland experienced a good three weeks of warm sunny weather, I was loving it. lately I see adverts for fall all over the place. I want to hold on to the summer for just a bit longer... We put the heating on this morning, I feel like a bit of a wimp, but it's 10 degrees in the morning here. Brrrrr..... That's cold for my spoiled Hawaiian skin.

Here is a lovely picture I took a few weeks ago when I was experimenting with mocktails as I like to call them (Fizzy yummy drinks sans alcohol.) This one is made with sparking water, lemon, some basil leaves, and a splash of Lorina French Berry. Delish!

If it's sunny where you live enjoy it for me okay!!!

I asked some locals tonight if I was a wimp for putting the heating on and they said, no they had also put their heating on!

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