Thursday, September 29, 2011

Visit to Meridiana Vineyard

As some of you may know JB and I are always on the search for good wine... About two months ago we got an email from a friend wanting to introduce us to an acquaintance of his who just happened to own a vineyard in Malta. We were intrigued so we got in touch and planned a visit to Meridiana Wine Estate . We met with the owner, Mark, who personally hosted us with a tour and tasting. We were also able to sit down and have a chat with him during out tasting. We got to know the story of Meridiana and how it all came to be. Jon was like a reporter he was asking so many questions, I should have been taking notes! Wine making fascinates him.

We tried two of their wines, a delicious crisp chardonnay called Isis, (it's a great way to beat the Maltese heat) and Bel, their Syrah, which is rich and full bodied, Jon's favorite!

We had such a lovely visit, and we have been working our way through all of the wines that Meridiana Wine Estate produces. I say get your hands on some if you can!

We brought some back for our friend Jamie Goode to taste, he is a well known wine blogger.  Here is the write-up that he did for Meridiana, check it out if you get a chance.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The amazingly Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto on Malta is pretty spectacular, we ended up there a few months ago when my brother and sister were visiting. We paid our 7 euros and hopped in a boat, the seas were a bit choppy and I was a little hesitant because I had brought along my big camera, I kept seeing visions of myself trying to swim while keeping my camera out of the water... but, I am so glad that I brought it along! Our awesome guide took us through a few caves and then in one of the last ones he said, "Okay, now you swim!" We were so surprised to be allowed to jump into the water.  My brother went first, he brought his new dive mask which was great because we all got a turn. You can see from the pics below that it was intensely turquoise and super clear the visibility was probably 30 meters. The actual "Blue Grotto is tiny and when you put your hand into the water it looks like someone turned on a neon blue light, it's that bright. I would have to say the highlight was our really cool boat captain and getting to jump into the water in the cave.

Trying out the new Dive mask, and my sisters feet as she jumped into the water.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Triq is Sirena

These two pretty spots are both located at the end of my street. How charming are those red shutters!!! It's pretty rare to find such wild plants in front of a house in Malta. Plants are kind of limited, since there isn't much water. I have some on my lanai (balcony) but they take lots of attention and regular watering. So worth it though, especially when you can make your own pesto from home grown Basil!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I could eat Gelato every day! In Malta when it's really hot it's all I want! When my bro and sis were visiting I had a regular excuse to indulge. Some of my favorite flavors are Baci, which is dark chocolate with hazelnuts! Also lemon and yogurt together makes a sort of tangy creamy mix that is SO good. What's your favorite flavor?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Regatta in our town!

Local fans supporting their team with flags and by wearing their colors!
Andy can't believe his luck, he planned his holiday right during Regatta and "Festa"!!! Well done Andy!
Everyone watching and hoping their team has won!
Teams were often neck and neck with each other, it was hard to tell who had won.
L-Isla is out in front! They ended up winning the entire Regatta 22 years they have won!!! Yay L-Isla, I'm very proud of my adopted town!
Tom wanted me to let everyone know that he would NEVER harm the environment by throwing his Cisk can's in the water. It's more of a Maltese thing, unfortunately :(

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Houte Bay

Your beauty is breathtaking! I think these were taken Christmas Day, at Chapmans Peak Drive on our way down to the Cape of Good Hope.  Too bad the water is SO cold because it look so deceptively inviting! We didn't go in the ocean once during our 4 month stay in Cape Town. How cute it my husband standing there enjoying the view!