Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Annies' birthday invitation

Even though I am so far away, the internet helps me feel connected to friends and family that are at home in Hawaii. For example a few weeks ago it was my friend Annie's 30th, I was So bummed to miss it. 3O is kind of a big deal! I wanted to be involved in some way, and since I couldn't actually be there I wanted to help with the schedule and planning of the event, I also created some invitations.
I heard it was a really fun day, I can't wait to see some pictures, ladies... hint, hint!


  1. wow that sounds like so much fun! how does one get on the invite list for all the cool stuff you plan?

  2. Nice invite!! Did you design it? sounds like it was a ton of fun!

  3. Thanks, I did design it, although I "borrowed" the teal pattern from another invite. I hope it was fun, I haven't heard back yet from friends about it.