Friday, August 27, 2010

Back on the farm

Better know as the Yorke Family Residence. Jon's Uncle A, and his family were so kind to let us stay at their house for a week while they were away. It's a good thing too because we were able to keep an eye on those adorable chippies (chipmunks) and entertaining ducks. I now understand what it means to have your ducks in a row, because these ducks always walked in a row!!! I kid you not, did you know that ducks when herded actually walk one if front of the other.... It was so much fun to let them out in the garden for the day and then herd them back into their pen in the afternoon.

I was the official duck feeder, and garden waterer, and I loved every minute of it. Jon and I both had duck eggs for the first time. They are delicious so creamy and have a wonderful flavor. I highly recommend having duck eggs if you ever get the chance. Of course they probably won't be as fresh as the ones we had, some mornings they were still warm when I pulled the eggs out of their little nest in the corner. Kinda gross I know.... but fresher than that you can't get~

 Maybe someday Jon and I will live on a farm.... for now we have to content ourselves with the occasional house sitting.

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