Friday, August 20, 2010

Isle of Wight holidays Freshwater Bay & Compton Bay

Freshwater bay is a beautiful pebbly beach. I collected a bunch of the prettiest and most original pebbles. I even found one in the shape of a heart, well it kind of looks like a heart.
Compton Bay is a gorgeous long sandy stretch of beach. Would be great if we had more beaches like that on the Big Island. Sand is such a rare commodity on my island.  I think the chalk cliffs in the background are incredible. They are a typical South English coast sight, I find them so dramatic, you can actually write with the chalk pebbles that you find. We collected a few of those as well.  Maybe I'll write some letter with the chalk pebbles.


  1. Meems,
    I love your posts - you're so creative!
    Can we make some cash from them????!

  2. Gorgeous photos, as always. Theses strike me as vacation snapshots for some sort of modern day Jane Austen someone with a parasol will peep around the corner any second :)