Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding invitations DIY

I have been meaning to do a post on my wedding invites for a while now but just finally got all my ducks in a row. I wanted them to be happy and bright not your typical white and silver invites. The colors for my wedding were yellow, apple green, orange, and gray. I had an address stamp made with the same fonts I used on the invite. Birds were  a theme at the wedding so I used them in the invite as well.
I printed them all on my moms printer, I used a Bazzil cardstock for the underlay on the invites,  for the white paper that I printed the invitations on I found some linen heavy weight at our local office supply store. The gray large envelopes were from paper source but bought from an on-line vendor, and the green envelopes were A2 Euro flap from the Wausau astro brights line, in gemini green, I almost went with Gama green and am so glad I didn't it was a little darker.  It is really hard to find nice colored envelopes with the euro flap in the US that don't cost an arm and a leg. I spent many hours researching online to find the cheapest envelope supplier. I ended up going with They were great. I got my envelopes quickly, plus I got a shipping incentive discount! Gotta love that!

I had a ton of help putting my invitations together, it took me a good week to get them all assembled and posted. My mom was the paper cutter operator, and general doer of little things, Nance and Lianne were stampers extraordinaire and I was like a zombie. I wouldn't have done it any other way it was So much fun to create and put together these invitations, special thanks goes out to Noe, who drove me around for weeks in LA to all different paper shops to find just the right shade of yellow. 
Bazzill Basics yellow 12x12 cardstock with a burlap texture
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  1. I just about gasped when I saw those invites, they are gorgeous!!!
    Gosh, I just love your sense of color, Mimi. It's so happy and distinctive.
    Congrats on your wedding!!!