Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas day adventures

Cape point is close to the Southern most tip of Africa (the actual southern most tip is Cape Agulhas), we had a stunning Christmas day exploring the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, This part of the park is home to an array of fynbos, (native plants) over 250 species of birds, antelope, baboons, Cape mountain zebra, and ostriches. The beauty and vastness of this spot is so breathtaking. I kept saying to Jon, can you believe how gorgeous this is! Since we were so far away from family and friends it was good for us to go out and have an adventure instead of sitting at the flat moping.

More posts to come, with some animals in them.


  1. looks SOOOOOO beautiful! i'm glad you got to do something fun for Christmas. miss you and JB!

  2. I LOVE THESE! Looks like you had a gorgeous day!- Psalm

  3. oooohhhh looks so warm. no snow....nice. ^^