Saturday, June 25, 2011

A slice of my Malta life...

The produce in Malta is incredible, it's fresh and so tasty. This little lamp came from the second hand store, it was brown. I spray painted it red and added the shade, Annie calls it my pepper mill lamp.
The view out the front of our flat, beautiful Valletta all lit up.

This was taken by my husband on one of his recces... Most things in Malta are built out of limestone.
Another one taken by my husband of the dinner I made, it was a chicken pie, my first ever... it was delish. Most things covered in pastry are.


  1. i thought i was the spray paint queen! = )

  2. Wow, Mimi, you live in such a beautiful place! Great photos (as always)!!! :-)

  3. awww, look at all these little lovelies! and you are quite the domestic goddess!

  4. Mom don't worry you will always be the spray paint queen!

    Mishca, you and Aaron are totally invited to Malta if you fancy a trip over the pond!

    Thanks Lianne, I've been trying to make our place as homey as possible!!!