Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flipping out!

 This past summer when my sister and brother came to Malta we had a really awesome time playing tourist. We did all sorts of sightseeing, and cruising around Malta. This picture was taken on an unbelievably hot day, we spent most of it in the water, and the rest of it eating gelato! I am longing for those warmer days, it's been freezing in our apartment lately.

My brother had a very interesting way of getting into that amazing turquoise water, he is such a little thrill seeker. I merged 5 different pictures together to get this look. I wish I had taken one of him standing on the little doc... Next time! This was in Xlendi bay on the island of Gozo 

Isn't he kinda silly, I call him my little "big"  brother, since for some reason he turned out 6 feet tall I'm 5'3!

Amazing water!

Extra points if you can spot the toes!

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  1. another upside down pic of ur bro! great job!