Monday, July 30, 2012

London 2012 Melody's visit

It started out as a typical London day, it was cloudy and gray. Melody and I were in for a real treat. We headed into town to see the sights, prepared, rain coats and umbrellas ready. First stop... Buckingham Place to see the changing of the guards. It was so rainy that I didn't dare take out my big camera, i-phone only at that point. It was so fun to see the palace in real life for the first time. Melody and I were in tourist heaven! We then walked in the pouring rain down towards the river Thames to see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. All of a sudden the sun came out and made everything sparkely and bright. I pulled out my Canon and took some snaps. Then we headed over the bridge down past the London Eye, past the aquarium, where I hugged my local penguin statue.... and up the South Bank. We started getting hungry, so kept our eyes peeled for a typical English Pub. We finally found one on the other side of the Thames, Ahhhh sweet relief.

 The Wellington is where Melody had her first ever English fish and chips, they were delish! I had a burger the size of Mels head as you can see in the picture. We finished our tour of London by heading through Covent Garden Market. There we had a most unusual and delicious popcorn flavoured ice cream, from the Icecreamists,  It was amazing!!!!! After all of the walking around, we were glad to head home on the tube, and train. Sitting feels great when you have spent the day on your feet.  I brought home some treats from the Market,  enormous macaroons they were pretty yummy, the pineapple flavour was the best, go figure!

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