Friday, May 8, 2009

Logo ideas

The progression of a logo is usually in interesting one. It always takes me a few tries to get it "right" Here is a progression of a logo that I am doing for my friend Bob Brown of Eye Expression Photography he is an amazing photographer and just started up a new website and company called Hawaii Photographer. Here are a few of the ideas that I came up with for his new website....

This was one of the first ideas very simple and clean a little to stylized though
This leaf was a favorite but too busy
Then I came upon this idea of merging a few things together to "symbolize" Hawaii and photography but the leaf looked a little to much like a communist symbol so I reworked it and came up with the next logo

I think this last one is closest to the finished product... we shall see may do a little more refining!
Let me know what you guys think any comments would be appreciated!


  1. So fun to see hawaii photographer on your blog :-)

  2. Ooh.. I like how the logo has evolved. :) You're so talented!

  3. Thanks Diane! Your so busy and yet you still have time to check out my blog and comment! I feel honored!

  4. I love it! Specially the last one with the "shade"? on the yellow dot! Awesome!