Saturday, August 6, 2011

Surfs up Mate

I am so happy to post this Australia surfing series...
I thought I had lost all of these pictures, and was so bummed... I mean how often do your sister and husband take a surfing lesson together. Umm like NEVER...  The conditions weren't exactly perfect, but they totally made the best of it.  My sister has been surfing at home in Kona for a while, but it was her desire to take a lesson in Australia. We ended up in Torquay just around the corner from the very famous Bells Beach! They had a really fun few hours being bashed around in the waves. I passed the time watching them from the beach as their designated photographer...

I was unfortunately too chicken to take a lesson,  the combo of wet suits, cold water, and sharks put me totally off... I know I suck!!! My sister and Hubby are SO brave...


  1. great pics Mi! This last one looks like they r both whistling! lol

  2. Hahaha It does look like they are whistling!!!