Saturday, April 11, 2009

Making scarves!

This is a pic of the brown patterned scarf I made!

My good friend Lianne has this awesome scarf! I have been coveting it ever since I saw it!!! It's so cute, it's a navy and white stripe in a t-shirt material. I decided that I can make scarves like that! So I went to the fabric store and bought yards and yards of material! I got a lovely turquoise and a fun brown and white print. Today was one of those cool Hawaiian days, when a tank-top and scarf are perfect! I'll take more pictures when I have finished making all of them. In the pic I'm wearing the turquoise one and in the background you can see the brown and white print!


  1. Haha! I was wearing a scarf yesterday! ...never expected it become a fashion trend in the islands- go figure! (It is fun to confound the tourists)

  2. looking good, mims! just watch those fingers when you cut ;)

  3. Seriously, I'm kind of scared to make the rest of them, even though I finally got a hang of the rotary cutter!