Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stephanie Bolton Photo shoot

I had a photo shoot this week with Stephanie Bolton. She is a local artist and friend of mine, we went to school together. She is currently working on a new project and needed some pictures!Stephanie was an absolute joy to work with, she is as beautiful as she is talented.If you get a chance check out her website, she is a prolific painter and is always working on new projects. Check out her blog. She also has a lot of her art online be sure to stop by.
This was the first shoot we have a few more that we are planning I will keep you updated as we do more shoots! I think these photos on the land bridge are super dramatic and bold. There is another series that I will post next that make me think of the mermaid statue in Denmark.

1 comment:

  1. Geez Meems- thanks!

    BTW- not many people can make me look good on film so if you have photogenic issues, you need to call Mimi- cuz she can fix that!;)